Stoker is NOT a vampire movie, nor is Colin Firth 100% cast in it

Last week we got an intriguing update about Chan-wook Park's English-language debut STOKER. According to a source of The Daily Mail's, Colin Firth was set to play a vampire in the film, which also stars Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska (ALICE IN WONDERLAND). Today brings us news that debunks that story.

First comes an article in The Hollywood Reporter; according to the trade, Firth still isn't officially on board, but is, "optimistic about taking the role in Park's film". I gather that means negotiations are still on-going.

The above quote was followed by this: "But unlike some media reports, it is untrue that Stoker is a vampire film."

That jibes with what Wasikowska told MTV at the premiere of her new film JANE EYRE the other night; the actress responded with "No, not that I understand" when asked if the vampire rumors were true.

However, the actress also had this to say about the project and its director: "Chan-wook Park is a legend. His films are insane and just incredible. He's going to do something very interesting with the material. There's such an excellent cast, and I'm so excited for it."

Supposedly Park and his camp are planning on releasing full details in about two weeks, so stay tuned.

Extra Tidbit: Wasikowska (above) is right: Park's films ARE insane and incredible...
Source: MTVTHR



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