Supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw makes feature debut in Mad Max: Fury Road

If we're to put faithful stock in George Miller making MAD MAX: FURY ROAD before the decade ends...maybe this one'll hold!

The Daily Telegraph is reporting luscious Aussie supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw (pictured) will make her feature film debut in FURY ROAD, playing one of the rare woman seen in Miller's post-apocalyptic world. Production on the film had taken eons to work around the Australian rains, with our last update indicating the shoot would take place this April. Well, it looks like they may actually be getting closer, even if there's a week left in the month.

Kershaw, apparently the 5th most in demand supermodel, has a part that's unspecified at the moment. She may be super fine and all, but if she threatens my girl Charlize's part...I won't be happy. That said, here's what an insider told the trade vis e vi Kershaw:

"Obviously it's set in a post-apocalyptic world, and women, especially beautiful women, are scarce, so men have been locking them up in cages. Abbey is one of them. She's perfect."

Sounds sweet. Now let's remain positive this casting announcement means the film will actually get made this time out. Frankly, I'm surprised Charlize and Tom Hardy have remained onboard this long. Must be some script.

Extra Tidbit: So far Abbey has 6 tattoos and 10 piercings (piercings on her: nipple, nose, belly, and seven in her ears).
Source: Daily Telegraph



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