Suspiria 2018 is not a remake

I am very interested in the upcoming SUSPIRIA remake. Call it morbid curiosity. Anyhow, I have been dying for more news on the SUSPIRIA front, but there has been next to zero info being spilled on the Amazon flick since I last reported on the film wrapping production.

So I went looking for some. 

I had to dig pretty deep but eventually I found articles posted by fellow horror sites where SUSPIRIA actress Mia Goth spilled some details about the flick. Turns out she had been making the rounds the last few weeks leading up to the release of A CURE FOR WELLNESS (which she, of course, stars in) and doing some of the old press junkets.

And what exactly did the actress spill about the upcoming SUSPIRIA remake? Well, for starters, she tells us it isn't a remake... sh*t. Now what do I call it? Whatever, SUSPIRIA 2018 it shall be until I come up with something better.

Here is what Mia Goth told Bloody Disgusting abut SUSPIRIA 2018:

“Well what I can say about that is I think people are going to be really pleasantly surprised to realize that it’s really not a remake at all. I think people are going to be really shocked. It’s a nod of the hat to Dario Argento and his version of ‘Suspiria’, but we really do take it to a completely different place. Well, if I say that then I think I’m going to be giving a lot away, but like Luca’s got a real eye for aesthetic, like he’s a really tasty person, like he really knows what he wants and I think it’s going to be visually stunning”.

Anyway, I'm still "excited" about the project, remake or not. Doesn't matter much to be what they decide to label it because in the end the film is called SUSPIRIA and it is about witches in a ballet school. Sounds like a remake to me.

All the same, I'll keep you guys up to date as I hear more about the flick.

SUSPIRIA synopsis:

A young American ballet dancer who travels to a prestigious dance academy in Europe, only to discover it is something far more sinister and supernatural. She becomes increasingly terrified after a series of gruesome murders ensue and she slowly unravels the dark history of the academy.

SUSPIRIA is directed by Luca Guadagnino and stars Tilda Swinton, Dakota Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Mia Goth and the script was written by David Kajganichis based on the original screenplay by Dario Argento and Daria Nicolodi.

Extra Tidbit: Suspiria means "sighs from the depths". That's fuc*ing creepy.



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