Tarantino meets the Brothers Grimm in genre-defying Snowflake

I've never heard anything about the "genre-defying" German film SNOWFLAKE from director Adolfo Kolmerer. Nada. But today I just heard the film referred to as "a blend of Quentin Tarantino (PULP FICTION), the Coen brothers (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN), Charlie Kaufman (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH), and a Brothers Grimm fairy tale" and I have to say, that intrigues the shit out of me.

And it's with this in mind I'm marking my calendar so I can keep in mind that the film is going to be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD via Artsploitation Film this December. The upcoming Blu-ray really only sports one single special feature, which is too bad - but said special feature is an hour-long documentary on the making of the film. So at least they're not being, you know, stingy. Mucho appreciated!

Special feature:

Hour-long making-of featurette


Hunting down the murderer of their families in an anarchic near-future Berlin, two outlaws find themselves trapped in the wicked fairy tale of a mysterious screenplay that entangles them in a vicious circle of revenge - apparently all written by a clueless dentist. In their quest for vengeance, they must contend with a myriad of wicked fairy tale assassins, madmen, a blood-covered angel, and an electric-powered superhero.

Kolmerer directs the film (ala SIN CITY with Robert Rodrigues and Quentin Tarantino) along with a "guest director" in the form of William James. Erkan Acar, Reza Brojerdi, Xenia Assenza, David Masterson, and Alexander Schubert star. The film is going to be released on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD via Artsploitation Film on December 4th. Check out the Blu-ray cover art and trailer below!

Source: AITH



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