Texas Chainsaw 3D promises a bloody New Year with a new pic and TV spot

The New Year is almost here and with it comes TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D. The film will be hitting theaters January 4th so Lions Gate is putting their promotional machine into high gear by unleashing a new TV spot and still.

There's not much new footage to be found in said New Year's themed spot save for a shot of Leatherface slipping on one of his many masks. Again, I think that's new-- there's some much TC3D news streaming out every day it gets hard to keep track of such minor details. It's new to me, so hopefully it'll be new to some of you.

Next, we've got a new image of Alexandra Daddario's character wielding what appears to be an axe. The movie's Facebook describes her as "wild eyed," an assesment that seems pretty accurate. Fan speculation is running high as to the meaning of the image and whether or not Daddario's character is really the goody-goody "Final Girl" she's supposed to be.

Daddario, Tania Raymonde, Trey Songz, Scott Eastwood, and Shaun Sipos all meet Leatherface's blade next Friday. Until then enjoy the TV spot and image. Also, free to talkback with your own interpretation of these updates below.

Extra Tidbit: Okay guys, Tania Raymonde versus Alexandra Daddario-- who would you prefer as your Final Girl?
Source: Facebook



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