The CW and "Gossip Girl" creators team up on mystery-horror series "Cult"

Can a television series be so persuasive that it causes some of its fans to gruesomely recreate certain sequences? In the world of "Cult", the answer appears to be a bloody YES!

According to Deadline.com, The CW is currently in pre-production on "Cult", which was created by "Gossip Girl" masterminds (I guess I use that word loosely) Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. TV veteran Jason Ensler was recently hired to direct the pilot.

"Cult" centers on an inquisitive, young female production assistant on a wildly popular television show called Cult who, after a rash of disappearances and a likely murder, joins a journalist blogger in investigating the rabid fans of the series who might be re-creating crimes seen on the program in real life.

Sounds like a promising idea for a show, although you have to admit it comes across more like the plot of a feature film. How might this premise stretch out for an entire season, let along a series? I mean, wouldn't they just cancel the show-within-the-show eventually?

Guess we'll find out soon.

(Note: This isn't to be confused with that other cult show we told you about this month; that one's being developed by Kevin Williamson and 20th Century Fox.)

Gossip Girl Leighton Meester

Extra Tidbit: Do you think "Cult" sounds like it has what it takes to be a successful TV series?
Source: Deadline.com



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