The Howling comic-sequel Revenge of the Werewolf Queen looks awesome

Space Goat Productions has grabbed up the rights to Joe Dante's werewolf classic THE HOWLING and are turning it into a comic book series. Four issues are currently planned, two are available for pre-order, and issue one has released some inside info.

Below you will find panels from issue #1 (which contain SPOILERS for Joe Dante's THE HOWLING if you haven't seen it) as well as the awesome cover.

THE HOWLING: REVENGE OF THE WEREWOLF QUEEN is written by Micky Neilson, with art by Jason Johnson & Milan Parvanov. The cover art is by Yvel Guichet and issue #1 runs 23 pages.

The age rating is 12+ so think of this new HOWLING series as PG-13.

THE HOWLING #1 synopsis:

Chris Halloran is having nightmares as he awaits trial for murder. Not in jail yet, Chris is conducting an investigation of his own: if he can prove the existence of werewolves, he might just have a chance at redemption—if only his witnesses would stop turning up dead.

THE HOWLING #2 synopsis:

The web of secrecy surrounding the deaths of Chris Halloran's colleagues continues to unfold, while much needed help is provided by an old friend.

You can check out issue #1 HERE. And issue #2 HERE.

THE HOWLING: REVENGE OF THE WEREWOLF QUEEN will be released in print May 31, 2017, with a digital release following on April 12, 2017.

Elizabeth Brooks' HOWLING photoshoot was cheesy as f*ck. Love it.

Extra Tidbit: Chris Halloran is played by director Dennis Dugan (PROBLEM CHILD, BIG DADDY) in THE HOWLING
Source: Comixology



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