The Intruders are coming from BBC America and Glen Morgan

Glen Morgan, once a producer on "The X-Files" and the director such remakes as BLACK CHRISTMAS and WILLARD, is working on a television series for BBC America called "The Intruders". The series, which will run eight episodes, is based upon the novel of the same name by Michael Marshall.

In short, the story revolves around a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. But here's an expanded synopsis via the author's official site:

Jack Whalen was an LAPD patrol cop for twelve years. He left under a cloud and now he's not sure what he is. One thing he does know is that he loves his wife, Amy. So when she goes missing on a routine business trip to Seattle, Jack sets out to seaarch for her, only to discover something far more mysterious is going on.


Jack is contacted by a childhood acquaintance, Gary Fisher. Fisher, now a lawyer, wants help in solving a puzzle thrown up by a business man's will - but is there more to Gary's sudden reappearance in Jack's life than he's letting on?


Meanwhile a ten-year-old girl goes missing after an encounter with a sinister stranger. It gradually becomes clear, however, that she's very far from defenseless... Searching for answers in the dark secrets of a past that still haunts im, Jack discovers that the truth has roots deeper and darker than he ever feared.

"Intruders" is set to begin production in early spring 2014 and will be distributed internationally by BBC Worldwide.

From Morgan's BLACK CHRISTMAS remake, Lacey Chabert



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