The Legend of Wasco brings killer clowns to Redbox December 15th

Last year, the internet was captivated by stories and images of clowns lurking around Wasco, California. The clown sightings get a lot more sinister in THE LEGEND OF WASCO, a killer clown movie from directors Shane Beasley and Leya Taylor that will be hitting Redbox and digital platforms on December 15th.

Written by Nathan Erdel, WASCO shows what happens when 

a clown performer and his future brother in-law create a web sensation by dressing up as the infamous Wasco clown and posting pictures on social media. They unwittingly resurrect the real Wasco and his henchmen. As murders rock the community, the friends band together to send the evil clowns back to the grave.

Jason Crowe, Dan Nye, Jessica Schroeder, Arthur Cullipher, Kirk Chastain, Kate Braun, Ellie Church, and Beasley himself star.

I'm a fan of several people who were involved with this one, both in front of and behind the camera, and a slasher movie with killer clowns always sounds like a good idea to me, so I will definitely be watching THE LEGEND OF WASCO.

Check out the trailer at Uncork'd to see if WASCO is for you.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching WASCO?
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