The Strangers 2 finally moving forward; Marcel Langenegger in talks to helm

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Fans of Bryan Bertino's 2008 home invasion horror tale THE STRANGERS have been clamoring for a sequel for years and now it seems that a follow-up is actually in motion as The Wrap is reporting that THE STRANGERS 2 is finally moving forward with Marcel Langenegger (DECEPTION) in negotiations to direct the sequel this spring.

Ben Ketai (“Chosen”) is the newest writer on the sequel, which follows...

...a family on the verge of sending their troubled teenage daughter to boarding school as they embark on one last family trip to a mobile home park that their uncle runs.  Their last bonding opportunity turns to horror when the teenage children discover the bodies of their aunt and uncle, fresh from a recent visit from the Strangers — Man in the Mask, Pin Up Girl and Dollface.

The night becomes a race to escape for the family, as the masked killers take new pleasure in tormenting their victims in this twisted sequel that picks up where the original’s bloody footprints leave off.

Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Nathan Kahane and Trevor Macy are returning to produce, while Sonny Mallhi, Marc Evans and Joe Drake will executive produce. The film will be produced by Vertigo and Good Universe.

THE STRANGERS 2 has been a long time coming and one has to wonder if there is still any interest in seeing a sequel after all this time. Will this be another sleeper hit like the original was back in 2008? Or is this one destined for straight to VOD? Let's hope it's the former. I love a good home invasion thriller.

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Source: The Wrap



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