Third film in Andrew Traucki's Three Colours Red trilogy, The Jungle, wraps production

Are you guys familiar with Andrew Traucki's THREE COLOURS RED trilogy? It includes the director's previous films THE REEF and BLACK WATER along with his upcoming THE JUNGLE, which we last/first told you about back in October. Nearly a year ago people.

Well news is breaking today that THE JUNGLE has finally wrapped principal photography and is now sitting comfortably in post-production in Sydney, Australia. To celebrate we've been treated to the flick's first one-sheet! Actually this poster seems like it was celebrating the film's start date but it's a first for us! In the new poster we've got ... something .. watching us from beyond the leaves. I can dig it! just scroll on down below to get a look for the poster for yourself.

The Jungle tells the story of an Australian Leopard conservationist who ventures into the remote Indonesian jungle with his documentary filmmaker brother; to investigate reported sightings of an endangered species of leopard. Their trek into the jungle becomes ever more bizarre and sinister – with the realization they are being stalked by a deadly unseen predator.

Sounds like fun, right? Traucki also penned the film with Lightening Entertainment handling worldwide sales for THE JUNGLE. It's a co-production between Traucki's Mysterious Light Production Company and Richard Guardian's Guardian Entertainment.

So what do you guys think? THE JUNGLE have some juice behind it? Spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait patiently for another update from THE JUNGLE.

THE REEF's Adrienne Pickering

Extra Tidbit: Andrew Traucki will also be directing one of the segments for the upcoming horror anthology THE ABC'S OF DEATH.



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