Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer? Ridley Scott halts production on The Counselor

Like many, I received the news of Tony Scott's passing last night with deep sorrow. I can only imagine what those closest to him, including brother Ridley Scott, are feeling today. Truly sad.

New reports have surfaced, ones that warrant an autopsy, that Tony Scott had recently been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. No word if this was mentioned the suicide not left in Scott's car, but it would seem to be a motive behind an otherwise mysterious act of suicide. As you'd expect, brother Ridley has shut down production on his new movie THE COUNSELOR, for at least a week, as he travels from London to L.A. to deal with this real life horror. We'll do our best to let you know when production resumes, as unimportant as that seems at the moment.

I will say this. Regardless of the reasons Scott chose to take his own life, the man will forever be immortalized through his work. I know TRUE ROMANCE will always be in my top ten favorite movies of all time. Dude also gave us THE HUNGER, TOP GUN, BEVERLY HILLS COP II, REVENGE, DAYS OF THUNDER, THE LAST BOYSCOUT, CRIMSON TIDE, THE FAN, ENEMY OF THE STATE, SPY GAME, MAN ON FIRE, DOMINO, DEJA VU, TAKING OF PELHAM 123 and UNSTOPPABLE. Quite the resume. A resume that proves a world of cinema without Tony Scott is indeed a cruel, cruel world.

RIP Tony...

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Source: ABC News



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