Trailer: It's a struggle to survive The Hours Till Daylight

On March 15th, Breaking Glass Pictures will be giving a DVD release to THE HOURS TILL DAYLIGHT, "a supernatural thriller inspired by true events" from director Jon Garcia, who also wrote and produced the film.

With a cast that includes Vannessa Vasquez, Quinn Allan, Carlos Sepulveda, Dan Braverman, Sarah Jannett Johanson, Auburn Taylor Thomas, and Jonathan Carter Thomas, THE HOURS TILL DAYLIGHT tells the story of a family's curse.

In the Southern town of Corpus Christi, a sinister supernatural entity targets generations of the Vasquez family.  Marco Vasquez, a soon to be father, fears for his family's safety as the spirit grows ever more sinister. 

In hopes of finding salvation, Marco enlists the help of Luis Ortiz, a Curandero (an indigenous shaman).  Ortiz discloses an old and dangerous ritual involving self-excorsism that'll bring Marco face to face with his tormentor.  Once the exorcism begins, Marco has until daylight to defeat the malevolent spirit or risk loosing everything. 

The trailer for the film can be seen below, and while the low budget shines through at times, it does look like Garcia brought an interesting perspecive to the subject matter.

If you would like to pre-order the DVD, you can do so right here.

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