Trailers released for Joe D'Amato and Lucio Fulci documentaries

Joe D'Amato George Eastman Anthropophagus

441 Films has announced the completion of a pair of feature-length documentaries that are sure to appeal to many members of the horror fan community, as they focus on the careers of two of Italy's most popular genre filmmakers: Joe D'Amato and Lucio Fulci.

A co-production of 88 Films, EDERA Productions, and Exitech Postworks, the documentaries were both directed by EDERA's Eugenio Ercolani, who previously directed BANNED ALIVE! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE CANNIBAL GENRE. They were produced by 441 Films' Phillip Escott, co-director of CRUEL SUMMER.

The first of these documentaries is OMEGA RISING: REMEMBERING JOE D'AMATO. This one

delves into the career of the notorious Italian filmmaker, Aristide Massaccesi A.K.A Joe D'Amato, the infamous director behind the legendary Video Nasties Anthropophagus: The Beast and Absurd. Featuring interviews with George Eastman (Absurd), Michele Soavi (Stagefright), Rossella Drudi (Eleven Days, Eleven Nights) Mark Thompson-Ashworth (Top Girl) and more.

88 Films will be releasing OMEGA RISING as a bonus feature on their special edition Blu-ray/DVD release of D'Amato's film BEYOND THE DARKNESS. The street date is February 13th, 2017.

One month later, on March 13th, 88 Films will be releasing a special Blu-ray and DVD edition of Lucio Fulci's AENIGMA, and included on that release will be the documentary AENIGMA: LUCIO FULCI AND THE '80s, which

takes a look into the twilight years of Lucio Fulci, one of Italian cinemas finest craftsmen; lovingly known as the ‘Godfather of Gore’ by his legion of fans. Featuring interviews by Antonio Bido (Bloodstained Shadow), Claudio Fragasso (Zombi 3), Michele De Angelis (Touch of Death) and Carlo Maria Cordio (Aenigma) amongst others.

Trailers for both the OMEGA RISING and AENIGMA documentaries can be seen below. If these sound like something you need to add to your collection (and/or if you're a fan of the movies they're being paired with), watch for the special editions of BEYOND THE DARKNESS and AENIGMA to become available over the next couple months.

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