Troma-tic anthology horror film Chillers arrives on DVD

In the annals of horror there are a handful on names that rise above the genre as true craftsman of cinema. You have George Romero, John Carpenter, and trailing not too far behind, Daniel Boyd. “Who’s Daniel Boyd?” you ask. Well, I don’t know, have you ever heard of a little movie called INVASION OF THE SPACE PREACHERS? Duh, that Daniel Boyd.

Sarcasm aside, Mr. Boyd did make quite a dent on Troma's VHS catalogue back in his heyday, which is why I’m pleased to report his anthology horror film CHILLERS has finally gotten a respectable DVD release. Not only that, but the film has also received the graphic novel treatment by Boyd, which is out via Tranzfusion Publishing.

For Troma fans, this is great news. While it’s not the DVD debut Troma claims in the press release (it was in fact included in a Brentwood three pack along with EVIL CLUTCH a few years back), it’s good to see CHILLERS is getting some “Tromatic Extras” (which are always fun). Check out the synopsis and press art below and if you like what you see, order it here.

Five lonely strangers swap ghost stories while stranded in a rural bus depot. Little do they know that the bus is scheduled to drop them off beyond their darkest fears. Winner of the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films' prestigious Silver Scroll Award, Chillers terrifies as the travelers' nightmares come to life in horrifying detail. Evil travels in many forms - even by bus!

Extra Tidbit: I'm a big TROMEO AND JULIET fan myself. Really, anything James Gunn touches is gold. What are your Troma favorites?
Source: Troma



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