TV REVIEW: Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 10!

EPISODE: "The Hunter Games"

THE PLOT: The Winchesters dig up Medatron (Curtis Armstrong ) to help them get rid of Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) Mark of Cain problem while Castiel (Misha Collins) tries to mend his relationship with Claire (Kathryn Newton). Oh and my boy Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) is getting “played” by his Witch (Ruth Connell) of a momma!   


Pissed off Dean = fun to watch Dean!

THE DEALIO: Before I jump into this episode of SUPERNATURAL; allow me to briefly address how I got hooked to the show in the first place. I’ve always known about the series, it just never appealed to me. With its “hunk” driven nature and being that WB was spitting it out – I just didn’t think it would be my cup of Whiskey.  That’s until I caught a rerun of the 2006 Season 1 Scarecrow episode on TV. I needed to kill time; so I clocked it and totally fell in love with it. It had an endearing The X-Files type of vibe to it (also found in the early Seasons). So after that, all bets were off! I binged watched every season, until I was caught up.

And here I am now; giving you my chump change on the latest episode; the one that launches the second half of Season 10. THE HUNTER GAMES was a sturdy example as to why the series has lasted for so long (and will last for longer with Season 11 now having been green-lit): if you’re into the show it’s because you’re in love with the characters and the fine actors that play them. I’ll speak for myself here; but at this stage, watching Dean, Sam, Crowley and Castiel interact is like visiting family. The actors’ chemistry is “on”, the dialogue often witty and they’re just a blast to watch go at it! Granted, after 10 seasons and everything the Winchesters have gone through; I can’t say the storyline blew me way here.

Come on Crowley! Don't fall for her shite! You're smarter than this!

It seems like were "zero-ing" in on the Mark of Cain for the final stretch and although compelling (I freaking love it when Dean goes dark, Ackles is so darn good at it), it’s nowhere near as gripping as past driving narratives. But hey, anything to do with "violent/psycho Dean", I’m in! And that angle delivered again here. Metatron’s (played by the brilliant Curtis Armstrong who will always be Booger from  Revenge of the Nerds in my world) appearance in this episode also slapped a grin on my face. I so love to hate this character and his banter with the boys was genius as always (that dick-wad line got a huge laugh out of me).

On the flip side; this episode had too much of a soap opera feel to it in places; mainly due to the presence of Crowley’s Mother (tackled by Ruth Connell who’s having lots of fun with the role) whom is being groomed to be the latest main villain. The pitfall of having momma in the house is that the character of Crowley is coming off as FISH by way of her manipulation.  I had a hard time believing that the King of Hell would fall for her simple tricks so easily. I mean, Crowley has been there and done that so many times, he ain’t no fool, yet the writing in this episode played him as one.

A face you can trust? NO!

I also thought there would be more to the “Dean gets set up by Claire and those drifters” subplot. I mean what was that all about? What was the drifters master plan again? Set up Dean to what? Kill him? Steal his wallet? Ask him who his hair dresser is? Talk about vague and half cocked. I was not fulfilled by where that went and how that ended. Lastly the Claire/Castiel subplot was an affecting one but I am happy that it seems to be over (for now). Although  it did cap-off on a rushed "lets be done with it" note... IMO of course...

On the whole The Hunter Games was a decent episode; mostly due to the cast knocking it out of the park once again and the Mark of Cain plot line making way for "Killer Dean". Here’s hoping that Dean causes more mayhem the next episode, that they downplay the soap opera antics a tad and up the horror instead and that they stop portraying Crowley as clueless. The characater and the GENIUS that is Mark Sheppard in the role deserve better than that. Carry on my Wayward sons! See ya next week!




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