Twin Peaks starts filming in September for 2016 debut!

Thank goodness...the road to Twin Peaks just got a little less cumbersome!

According to various sources, Showtime CEO David Nevins has assured that David Lynch will begin filming his TWIN PEAKS revival in September for a hopeful 2016 bow. Here's Nevins' exact phrasing:

"Shooting starts in September, thankfully."

Word is Lynch, after a recent dispute that would have delayed airtime until 2017, will direct every episode and shoot the series as one long unabridged film, though the exact number of episodes has yet to be decided upon. Nevin called the project "open ended" and will likely call for more than the originally ordered 9-episode run from last October. More the merrier, right?! Hells yes!

Here's what Nevins had to say about the new fast-track:

"I never had any doubts we were going to get him (Lynch) back... this was a huge priority project for me," Nevins admitted. "It became clear that it was going to take more than nine episodes, that we originally planned for and budgeted for. We had to work out the details. I really wanted David to direct the whole thing. It's looking in great shape."

Perhaps even more comforting, Nevins ended with regards to his oversight:

"I would call them conversations, not notes...Ultimately he (Lynch) has creative control. He deserves it."

That he does. More on Twin Peaks is said to be announced soon, including casting decisions. As of now, only holdover Kyle Maclachlan is poised to return to the series.

I'd like to climb Sherilyn Fenn's Twin Peaks!

Extra Tidbit: How pumped are you for a Twin Peaks revival?
Source: THR



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