Vampire zombie mash-up The Kitchen Sink gets director Robbie Pickering

Jonah Hill out...Robbie Pickering in!

In March of last year we told you about Jonah Hill's potential directorial debut being the curious alien/vampire/zombie mash-up THE KITCHEN SINK. But screw all that, Jonah's got himself an Oscar nomination...he ain't got time to fuck around with a silly little monster movie. Maybe he's holding out to direct 22 JUMP STREET.

Whatever the case, Sony has tapped Robbie Pickering (NATURAL SELECTION, above) to direct THE KITCHEN SINK, doing so from the 2010 Blacklisted Oren Uziel script. The film follows an unlikely alliance between a teenage vampire, zombie and high-school kid who band together to stave off an alien invasion.

Sounds like a definite PG-13 premise. It'd be cool if Pickering took a hard-R approach with this one, but I just don't see that happening. Until we hear of some casting however, maybe we should reserve judgment.

More on THE KITCHEN SINK when it fills up.

21 JUMP STREET star Brie Larson

Extra Tidbit: Did you see Pickering's NATURAL SELECTION? How was it?
Source: Deadline



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