Van Damme & Adam Brody headed for survival thriller Welcome To The Jungle

Adrien Brody, newly fashioned genre badass...and a reinvigorated Van Damme? Together in a survival thriller called WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE? Oh hells mothaf*ckin' yes!

Oh wait, it's Adam Brody? F*ck me!

Variety has the unfortunate briefing, made even more cruel by the photo of Adrien they had attached to the article (since been removed). After citing homey's prior credits though (including Ammon's favorite, "The O.C."), it's clear the lesser Brody is the one headed to the jungle. A shame.

Directed by Rob Meltzer, from a script by Jeff Kauffmann:

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE follows a group of staffers at a design firm who go on an office retreat to a tropical island, where total chaos erupts after they become stranded. A "Lord of the Flies"-type situation unfolds, and Brody's protagonist is forced to match wits with the power-hungry leader in order to rescue his co-workers.

Rob Huebel, Dennis Haysbert, Kristen Schaal and The Muscles himself, Jean-Claude Van Damme, will also star. Filming begins next month in Puerto Rico.

Van Damme's EXPENDABLES 2 co-star Nan Yu

Extra Tidbit: Adam Brody trying to pull a Topher Grace in PREDATORS? Puh-leeze!
Source: Variety



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