VIDEO INTERVIEW: Exclusive 1 on 1 with great man Michael Biehn (The Victim)

Stay tuned for a badass exclusive interview with Danielle Harris, Jennifer Blanc and once again The Biehn tomorrow on the site!

Very few of us get to sit down with a legend and though he’s more known for his genre roles as Kyle Reese from The Terminator and Hicks from Aliens. Michael Biehn is definitely in the annals of legendary actors. And now he is at the helm of his very own feature; THE VICTIM (slated for release this year).

The Victim is about a couple of party girls (Jennifer Blanc and Danielle Harris) who party a little too hard with a pair of dirty cops. As things go awry and shit hits the fan, they find themselves on the run and now caught between the two cops and a dangerous recluse played by Michael himself.

I had a blast doing this interview and very glad that Mr. Biehn was able to set aside some time in his busy schedule while still in the editing stages of the film. With as much passion as he has for movie business, I expect we’ll be seeing Michael Biehn in the directors chair more and more often in the future. 


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