VIDEO INTERVIEW: Olivia Wilde of Cowboys & Aliens!

A few people asked after yesterday's interview with Harrison Ford was posted if the background was a greenscreen. Bite your tongue! That's legitimate Big Sky Country! (In before "pics or it didn't happen" - here's a photo I took waiting for the interview to start.)

In fact, it's so real, as I sat down to speak with the lovely Ms. Olivia Wilde, we had to stop our interview halfway through because the cattle you see behind us got a little frisky. This is also when Olivia and I noticed that one of the cowboys you see in the background was texting on his Blackberry. You can't make it up.

Before we get into the interview, know that there may be some SPOILERS regarding her character and role in the film but probably nothing you haven't already surmised from watching the trailers. Check it out below and make sure to come back later this week for my talks with Daniel Craig and director Jon Favreau!

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