VIDEO INTERVIEW:Paul Bettany, Priest (2011).

Paul Bettany has it all, he is a shockingly terrific actor and he can also handle the action hero or two. His most recent films include the exciting and fun new feature PRIEST, plus a film about Darwin called CREATION. His resume is rich with a number of terrific performances including THE YOUNG VICTORIA, THE DA VINCI CODE and A BEAUTIFUL MIND.

When I spoke to Mr. Bettany, I found him to be incredibly funny and sincerely down to earth. There is a disarming quality about him that really charms you. In other words, it may very well be a “man crush”. Paul (notice it isn’t Mr. Bettany anymore) is incredibly talented and he kicks ass in a role like Priest. And he is married to Jennifer Connelly! This guy has it all. PRIEST hits theaters today.

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