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This flick has flown under the radar a bit, but when you're combining Vincent Cassel and a religious psychological chiller, you've got to start paying closer attention.

What I'm talking about is THE MONK, Dominik Moll's gothic drama that sees Cassel portraying a 17th century Capuchin Monk who falls prey to temptation and seemingly supernatural events. The movie is in line for a release across the pond next month, so let's take a gander at the theatrical poster and trailer while we wait...

The synopsis for THE MONK: Abandoned as a baby on the steps of a monastery and raised in strict Capuchin fashion, Ambrosio (Cassel) has become the most famous preacher in the country. While large crowds from all over the country come to hear his mesmerizing sermons, he’s also bitterly envied for his success by certain fellow monks.

Convinced of his virtue and righteousness, Brother Ambrosio thinks he is immune to temptation... Until obscure events start terrorizing the monastery. Could they be connected to the unexpected arrival of Valerio, an apprentice monk who has the miraculous gift to relieve Ambrosio’s splitting headaches and hides his disfigured face under a wax mask?

Adapted from the eponymous cult classic Gothic novel by Matthew Gregory Lewis, written in 1796, THE MONK his cinemas, on April 27th in the UK. No word yet on a domestic release.

THE MONK star Déborah François

Extra Tidbit: Is THE MONK talking to your soul?
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