Vincent D'Onofrio & Linkin Park DJ team for dude gone crazy flick Mall

Genre flicks that take place in a mall. Now there's been a few of them over the years but can you think of any that have come our way recently? No? Don't worry, I'm drawing blanks too.

Perhaps that's why Vincent D'Onofrio and Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn figured now would be a perfect time to bring us exactly that! You see according to the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting the duo are teaming on a new film heading our way called MALL. Simple enough, right? Here's the rundown:

Described as a “dark drama,” MALL follows the empty and sordid lives of various mall-goers who are brought into stark relief when a disgruntled former tuxedo shop employee goes on a massive killing spree. It will feature the music of Linkin Park.

Sounds good to me! D'Onofrio (above) will be acting in the flick as well as executive producing with Hahn behind the camera. Joe Vinciguerra and Sam Bisbee penned the script with Cameron Monaghan, James Frecheville, India Menuez (below) and Michael Kenneth Williams all starring alongside D'Onofrio. Shooting on MALL is set to get underway next week in Los Angeles.

So what do you guys think? MALL look like it have potential? It's still kind of early to tell but why don't you spit some bullets below and let us know what your gut reaction to this one is! You can be sure we'll keep our eyes and ears open for more on the dude-gone-crazy flick and as soon as any updates roll our way we'll pass that shite right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Vincent D'Onofrio also has SINISTER on the way, which he starred in, as well as the horror/musical DON'T GO IN THE WOODS, which he both wrote and directed.



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