Waxworks Records sets Friday the 13th and Chopping Mall release dates!

Waxwork Records, the label responsible for releasing beautifully packaged scores for Rosemary's Baby, Creepshow, Day of the Dead, Re-Animator, have announced two new releases today, both terribly exciting.

First up, FRIDAY THE 13th. (See our last article HERE.) A release date has finally been granted to the vinyl: August 29th. The release features include liner notes from director Sean Cunningham and composer Harry Manfredini, a heavyweight tip-on-old-style gatefold jacket featuring full artwork by Jay Shaw, and a printed 12”x12” insert with artwork by Jacqui Oakley.

Secondly, Waxworks will release Chuck Cirino’s original score to the B-Movie horror classic, CHOPPING MALL, directed by Jim Wynorski and starring scream queens Barbara Crampton and Kelli Maroney. (We last wrote about it HERE.) Packaging details include 180 gram fluorescent pink vinyl housed in a heavyweight tip on jacket with film laminate gloss finish. A limited run of 500 neon yellow with neon green haze variants will be available via waxworkrecords.com. Full package artwork including a 12” x 12” inserted art print has been created by Australian artist duo We Buy Your Kids. The never before seen artwork is below.

Groove out to some CHOPPING MALL samples below; the vinyl comes out on July 29th. You can give Waxwork Records a closer look over HERE.

Source: Waxwork Records



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