Will Smith will be Selling Time in new supernatural thriller

Will Smith is attached to star in the 20th Century Fox supernatural thriller SELLING TIME, a tale of a man who relives his worst day over and over again. No, I'm sure it's not about Smith reliving the day he signed on for AFTER EARTH, although I'm sure that would be a living nightmare. Instead the script, which was initially written by former DreamWorks Television president Dan McDermott who will rewrite the script as part of his original deal, follows...

...a man who is given a chance to relive the worst day of his life in exchange for seven years off his life expectancy.”

The Wrap explains that Smith does not have an official deal in place but he is in the process of coming aboard. Coincidentally, he was attached to star in SELLING TIME several years ago before scheduling conflicts got in the way.

Several A-list filmmakers are now circling the movie, though no decision has been made yet.

Extra Tidbit: Would Will Smith's involvement in SELLING TIME make you more interested in this film?
Source: The Wrap



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