WNUF Halloween Special gets an LP follow-up

If you have a love for the Halloween season and a nostalgia for late 1980s - early '90s television but you haven't yet checked out WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, I highly recommend you add that 2013 movie to this October's viewing list. Presented as a battered VHS recording of a 1987 special news report that goes terribly wrong, packed with faux commercials that perfectly capture the look and spirit of the era, it's a lot of fun.

WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL is now getting a prequel/sequel, but not in the usual way. It isn't a movie; this follow-up is audio only, an LP being released through the new company Terror Vision, which specializes in vinyl and VHS. It's the WNUF TV28 PRESENTS FRANK STEWART INVESTIGATES: HALLOWEEN LP and it has the following description - 

Available for the first time since 1987, Terror Vision Records is proud (albeit, slightly uneasy) to release the ghastly promotional album, WNUF TV28 presents Frank Stewart Investigates: HALLOWEEN.

This truly bizarre spoken word record was introduced after WNUF personality Frank Stewart and his guests disappeared during the infamous live broadcast of his WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL in October 1987. The initial vinyl album was compiled and produced by WNUF staff to help fund search efforts for all of the missing parties.

Now, Terror Vision Records, in conjunction with the steadfast archivists at Midnight Crew Studios, is delivering an exclusive re-issue of this notorious record.

SIDE ONE features rare audio recordings of Frank Stewart's cutting-edge investigative reporting. Formerly a silver-tongued disc jockey, Frank joined the WNUF staff in 1984. His skeptic take on ghoulies, ghosties, and long-legged beasties were highlighted in his classic Halloween news packages. The rare clips heard here are audio excerpts from some of Stewart's most memorable on-air news segments. Didn't get a chance to see Stewart investigate the haunted laundromat, where clothes folded themselves and underwear disappeared? Well, now here's your chance! Weren't around to listen as Frank hunted down the River Hill Sheepsquatch in the dead of night? You're in for a real treat!

SIDE TWO showcases fascinating occult analysis from everyone's favorite paranormal research couple, Dr. Louis Berger and his wife, Claire. These unusual first-hand accounts were plucked from the Bergers' extremely hard-to-find 1976 LP, "Sounds of the Spirit Word." Listen closely as the Bergers document gruesome stories of Scottish banshees and disco boogeymen, and even give you step-by-step instructions on how to conduct your own seance!

While authorities have long since given up the search for Frank Stewart, Terror Vision Records is keeping hope alive with this exclusive release. If you have fond memories of Frank Stewart, WNUF TV-28, or even Halloween in general, we recommend you get your claws on this creepy record.

It sounds like this will be just as unique and crazy as the movie it's connected to. I haven't taken part in the vinyl revival so far, but this release is tempting me to buy a vinyl record for the first time in my life.

Check it out at Terror Vision.

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