World Wide Distributors in production on genre films The Chance & The Library

World Wide Distributors has a pair of new genre works heading down the pike in 2013; one called THE CHANCE, the other THE LIBRARY. Both are films are written and directed by Joe Ciminera. Let's just dive right in!


5 people who wake up to find themselves on a beach with a strange black door on the water, behold the surfer, who introduces him to the others, a mother, homeless man, soldier and a lifeguard. None of them has any memory of who they are or how they came to the beach. The lifeguard, being the newest arrival, is the most determined to walk through the black door on the beach. The lifeguards questioning reveals that the characters have no need for food or water and indeed feel nothing in general, except for pain, empty sadness and sorrow.

As for THE LIBRARY, it picks up:

In a small town circa 1860 small pox takes the life of a little boy. He enters a world that will get him prepped and re-incarnated for his next life. The library is a second chance, a place to select a storybook life and be reborn. The evil darkness takes the boy into lower earth. All the corners of hell are fighting to keep him from reaching the next level. Four guardians are sent to rescue him but they only have 30 minutes.

No telling when in 2013 these flicks will hit, or even who stars, but when we know, so will you.

Extra Tidbit: Which sounds better: THE CHANCE or THE LIBRARY?
Source: WWD



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