Worry Dolls reveals poster and trailer ahead of AFM

Director Padraig Reynolds' supernatural horror film WORRY DOLLS, which is in no way connected to the Full Moon movie DANGEROUS WORRY DOLLS, is currently making the festival rounds, having had its world premiere at the Film4 Frightfest in London. Ahead of it are screenings at the Dublin Horrorthon in Ireland, the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre in Argentina, and next month's American Film Market in Santa Monica, where it will hopefully land distribution.

The film stars Christopher Wiehl as 

a detective investigating a series of voodoo related killings in deep dark Mississippi,  but when he connects the murders with a previous case involving Guatamalan talismans he finds himself up against the clock to save his possessed daughter.

Wiehl also co-wrote the screenplay with Danny Kolker and produced the film with Kolker, Reynolds, and Greg Haggart. He is joined in the cast by Kym Jackson, Kennedy Brice, Brandon Johnson, Brea Grant, Yohance Mile, Samantha Smith, and Tina Lifford.

A poster and trailer have made their way online and can seen below. After watching the trailer, I have to say... I really hope a distributor will purchase WORRY DOLLS at AFM and release it soon, because I need to see this movie. This looks awesome to me.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the trailer?



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