You wont be seeing Halloween 3D this year, perhaps next year?

I highly doubt this is going to surprise anyone, but Dimension Films have shelved HALLOWEEN 3D. The film had a release date slated for October 26th of this year, and now its status is ‘release date to be determined’.

It was probably too much optimism with the thinking that this was going to happen this year, considering the script had not even really been decided on and no director even attached to the project. Dimension’s Bob Weinstein had nabbed DRIVE ANGRY duo Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer to work on the film. They wrote a script but it apparently wasn’t made of the right stuff and it was placed on hold.

Word is that Dimension regards the project as a priority and they are still considering different options for the film. As we reported earlier, Dimension are trying to shake things up. Their upcoming genre release PIRANHA 3DD will release theatrically and on VOD on the same day, yet it doesn’t have a release date. I guess we shall see what happens …

Star of Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN films Scout Taylor-Compton

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