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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Dave Payne

Scott Whyte/Trip
Arielle Kebbel/Cookie
Tina Illman/Gretchen
Derek Richardson/Nelson
7 10
A group of young, horny and trigger party teens on their way to a rave get stalled at some Motel/Gas Station in the desert. When not getting high or having sex, they find themselves battling some stinky entity that sports kookie drills as limbs! It reeks in here! In a good way!

Evil is in the air...

Fun f*cking cheese were the first words that came out of my yapper after the REEKER screening. I then went and got myself a beer and here's what I came up with. When writer/director David Payne stated at the 2005 Jersey Fangoria Convention that they shamelessly ripped off all kinds of current popular genre films when creating this baby, I respected his bluntness yet was a tad worried. I hate soulless copycats! But now that I’ve seen the film the only thing I’m concerned about is who's gonna bring the booze and the loose dames to my “Reeker Night" when I throw one on a Halloween some day? Was the affair familiar? Sure. Soulless? No way Ose!

Reeker was a low budget, commercially inclined opus that wound up being a freaking hoot nanny to sit through. Lets go down the party favor list for shites and giggles. Was it immature and funny with out of the yard humor? YES! Wait till you see how much fun they got out of their blind character...LOL! Was it offensive? Maybe. The flick's dial was set to sex/drugs while the razor sharp dialogue had me rolling like a vegetable trying to be a fruit roll-up. Good stuff! How about babes? Any in here! Well Arielle Kebbel (Cookie) made my Top Babes I have to share Ice Cream With list and when she came out in her undies halfway through the film,  I had to invent a whole new freaking list just for her. WOW! Enough said on that! Furthermore, the pace of the flick was non stop, the baddie was quite effective/spooky and some of the kills were mucho creative (Toilet murder...nice!). Lastly; added brownie points must be given for the finale which gave me a couple a of well placed rib nudges that I didn’t see coming. Sure, I had seen the “device” before, but for some reason it worked like my uncle at a whore house with 2 for 1 coupons and his fireman hat. It gave the whole an extra layer of f*ck yeah in the process.

Any negatives? Straight up where was my tit shot? A movie of this ilk DEMANDS one! The same can be said about the gore during the main kills. If you’re gonna do a crowd-pleasing terror jamboree, go all out on the MnMs man! This one didn’t push the envelope as far as I wanted it to. Narrative wise, we did get a couple of “wandering around to pad the time” bits too many but hey...not too much harm was done. Lastly, as previously stated, originality was not this one's forte, I kept playing "spot the movie they ripped on" throughout. ARROW NITPICKING NOTE: Was it me or did that Ecstasy that Cookie took take way too long to kick in? Who’s your dealer girl? He’s shamming you!

When all was smelled and puked on Reeker resulted in quite the amusing horror piñata ; it moved fast, talked faster and aimed to please with its swell axis on sex, drugs and rock n' deaths. Please it did. Get Reeker for your next gathering and don’t forget the rubbers!
We get a splattered deer, animal corpses, a dude’s head cut in half, a shard of glass in one’s neck, a cut off arm, a drill in the stomach and more! Being the jerk that I am...I craved more graphic gore! Go figure!
Scott Whyte (Trip) nailed his wisecarking and empathetic role! Arielle Kebbel (Cookie) was sexy, loveable and credible! She reminded me of my Ex for some reason. Tina Illman (Gretchen) was mucho efficient as the more gung ho member of the group. Derek Richardson (Nelson) did what he had to do well. Devon Gummersall (Jack) had me in stitches as the deadpan blind dude in the fold. GREAT JOB! Michael Ironside (Henry) and Eric Mabius (Radford) both owned in their limited yet flamboyant roles.
T & A
Arielle Kebbel in her beautifully tiny undies was almost better than any tit shot known to man...I said almost.
Payne home-ran well staged suspense set pieces, groovyly shot stunt bits and a couple of gnarly angles. Efficient! I dub thee "The Payne Man".
The score was adequate, nothing more, nothing less.
Reeker had me grinning like The Joker the whole way due to its razor dialogue, its inventive murders, its Grease Lighting pace, its out there yuk-yuks and its “been there done that” finale which still managed to work like a rabbits foot still attached to the rabbit. Granted more originality, graphic red slosh and undressed Cookie stuff would‘ve been the shite! But with that spat out, the flick showed me a grand old time nonetheless and on Vodka laced days like these…that’s all I needed. Thank you!
Tina Illman who played Gretchen also Produced the film.

Derek Richardson who plays Nelson is also in Eli Roth's Hostel.