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Slumber Party Massacre 2(1987)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Deborah Brock

Crystal Bernard/Courtney
Joel Hoffman/T.J.
Juliette Cummins/Sheila
Atanas Ilitch/Driller Killer
6 10
One of the survivors from the first Slumber Party Massacre is troubled by dreams of her sister in a loonie bin and some leather clad rocker with a big phallic drill-guitar. Yup…you heard me! So, her and gal-pals throw a slumber party, play some bad music, take off their tops and get rock and rolled to death by the Grease Lighting killer.
Drugs (n): A chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, which affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior.

You read that shite above champs; well that’s what the people behind this mish-mash flick must have been on when they came up with the premise for this zany sequel. I assume even more drugs were consumed when they actually went with it and shot the damn thing! Where do I begin with this B Cock-Tail? Do I start with the “lets pad that clock time cheaply" dream sequences that sported footage from the original Slumber Party Massacre, Sorority House Massacre (why?) and even snippets of scenes to come within its own film Slumber 2? Or maybe I should tackle the headless, frozen chicken that attacks our heroine or that giant zit that popped gallons of yellow puss into one gal's face? Nah… I’ll concentrate on the highlight of this silly-willy concert for me, the ingredient that jacked up my smile to “holy shit this is some hilarious crud” throughout. Yes I speak of the driller killer himself.

This supernatural entity (which is in my opinion a physical manifestation of sexual repression) was a freaking hoot! I mean the guy looked like Andrew Dice Clay, danced like Danny Zucko and was as kool as The Fonds…if he sucked in massive amounts of helium on weekends. How many horror films have you seen that had the killer break into a hip swinging dance routine out of the freaking blue just for the hell of it? How many genre parties have you sat through that had the psycho break-dance (funny shite), play guitar underwater (what a howler) or go into an axe solo on a rooftop? Exactly! NONE! I was beyond baffled as to what I was seeing, so freaking taking aback at the utter ridiculousness of it all that I had a laser-blast with it! Now THAT was some hands down, no holds barred, trippy garbage! The flamboyant, rock song quoting killer aside; the rest of the flick pretty much played like a generic 80's slasher. Yup, we get our horny straight guys who look like gay guys, girls in skimpy clothing all over the place and everybody making all the wrong moves (like hanging around the house after the killer just crashed in). And when this tramp wasn’t playing that standard card it was attempting to go Elm Street on our asses, with trivial hallucinations, colorful lighting and zany cam angles up the kazoo.

On the dull side of the drill; I can’t say I ever felt any tension or gave two cents about the hero characters in this "sex = death" parade. They could’ve all expired at frame one to have the psycho do an hour and half rock concert for all I cared! Furthermore, there were way too many off-screen kills to fully fulfill the slasher fiend in me, the stalk sequence were at times choppily shot/edited and that dream within a dream within my ass cap-off was lamer than my writing. Lastly, being that the hero girls were in a band; they broke out in countless song numbers (yup, more filler) that screamed “The Go Gos…if they sucked more then they already did” at me. Were those ditties goddamn awful or what? I’d rather hear 3 alley cats gang-banging a panther than ever have to hear that again!

All in all, Slumber Party Massacre 2 resulted in a pleasant sit down but for all the wrong reasons. It was dumb as Hilton getting her cell phone hacked and I loved it for that! The rockabilly killer with his electric guitar drill shtick truly made my day…I can’t say it enough as to how he made me laugh and appreciate my life. The rest was exactly what you’d expect minus full-on exploitation goodies. Now sing it with me: “I can’t get get no, I can’t get no, satisfaction!”
We get a drill through the chest, drill through the stomach, drill slashings, after math drill damage, a dead chicken that spits blood, a severed arm, a severed hand and a giant zit that pops out massive puss. Yes we got some red stuff but there were still too many missed opportunities (off-screen baby)!
Crystal Bernard (Courtney) was capable but her fine-tuned derriere often overshadowed her performance. Joel Hoffman (T.J.) was the stoner dude that I loved to hate! Juliette Cummins (Sheila) was hot, not much more to say than that. Atanas Ilitch (Driller Killer) brought the house down as the Danny Zucko on acid villain! The man owned!
T & A
We get one pair of titties and lots of bra shots. ONE PAIR? What kind of slumber party is this? Are we at a nunnery or an 80’s whore house? COME ON! The ladies get shirtless dudes without their shirts.
Deborah Brock delivered an acceptable offering, nothing too fancy but acceptable. The flashy MTV wannabee stuff was slick but too bad the action was often badly staged and edited.
The score by Richard Cox was nothing standout yet not too annoying either. The countless LAME 80’s pop songs on the other hand…wow…that hurt me! I’M STILL FEELING THE PAIN!
Although I’m giving this LSD inspired sequel the same rating as the original; I definitely had more fun with this puppy. Obviously inspired by the Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 Dream Warriors phenomenon that influenced genre films all over in 1987; Slumber Party Massacre 2 was quite the unique and side-splitting sit down. Sure the premise didn’t make much sense unless you’re Freud but it was an entertaining mess none the less! Atanas Ilitch (Driller Killer), I lift my glass of Scotch to ya! Your character, performance and musical numbers jazzed up what was at the core a standard, suspense-less and dumb as a Popsicle melting in the rain offering. A good horror movie? No freaking way Kato! A hefty helping of so bad it’s stupid-good horror crud? Damn straight! Thanks for the giggles! I needed that!
The two cops in the film are named Krueger and Voorhees. Take a wild guess where they took that from?