New Insidious movie gets a summer 2025 release date

There’s a new Insidious movie coming in the summer of 2025, and it’s not the previously announced spin-off Thread

Insidious: The Red Door

Back in January of 2022, we heard that Insidious franchise creator James Wan was producing a “Back to the Future meets Aliens” project that was set to be written and directed by Jeremy Slater, creator of the The Exorcist television series and head writer on the Marvel / Disney+ show Moon Knight. As the Wan / Blumhouse collaboration Insidious: The Red Door, the fifth film in that series, made its way out into the world last year, it was revealed that Slater’s movie was a spin-off called Thread: An Insidious Tale, which had Mandy Moore (This Is Us) and Kumail Nanjiani (Eternals) on board to star in it. Now Deadline reports that Sony has announced an August 29, 2025 release date for the next Insidious movie – and since Thread already had a writer/director and stars attached by mid-2023, it seems logical that it would be the movie with the 2025 release date. But Deadline says that’s not the case. This summer 2025 Insidious movie is something else.

No further details have been revealed… and we have no idea what’s going on with Thread: An Insidious Tale.

Thread would see Moore and Nanjiani play a husband and wife who enlist the help of a spell to travel back in time, such that they can prevent the death of their young daughter. The consequences, of course, prove to be severe.

Wan told Screen Rant that Thread could turn out to be the first of several Insidious spin-offs. He said, “Thread basically kind of takes off from the world of The Further in the same way that when I look at my Conjuring films, I go, “Hey, the Warrens have a haunted museum, there’s so many different haunted artifacts that we can kind of spin off stories from,” and Thread really is something in that same spirit. Leigh Whannell and I had kind of built this place called The Further in the Insidious world, and we just felt like there were many stories within that that we can tell, and this is one of the potential stories that we’re hoping to kind of get out there with the spinoff.

So the new Insidious movie coming in 2025 could be another spin-off, or it could be the sixth installment in the core series… we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we hope to hear what’s going on with Thread: An Insidious Tale.

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Source: Deadline

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