Insidious franchise star Lin Shaye has ideas for further sequels

Insidious franchise star Lin Shaye has idea for further sequels or spin-offs that would center on Elise Rainier and her niece Imogen

Insidious: The Red Door, the fifth film in the Insidious horror franchise, is now in theatres (you can read our review HERE). A spin-off, Thread: An Insidious Tale, is already in the works… and producer James Wan, who also directed the first two Insidious movies, has implied that there could be many more Insidious spin-offs in our future. One franchise cast member who has ideas for further Insidious sequels or spin-offs is Lin Shaye, who has played psychic medium Elise Rainier throughout the series. Speaking with Screen Rant, Shaye said she might start working with her son to put together a treatment and/or lookbook so she can pitch those ideas to the powers that be.

Shaye said, “I have some ideas, I’ve thought about doing a little treatment with some thoughts I have about where (Elise) is in The Further, what she could be doing in The Further. It opens up your own imagination, and because The Further is not defined at all, except for there being fog on the floor, it’s sort of all we know for sure. [Laughs] So, I definitely have some thoughts that I really may put into action and do a lookbook or something with my son, we’ve talked about that. He’s a very savvy writer and creator. I wouldn’t do anything, obviously, without approval of any kind, but in terms of my own imagination, there’s some nice stories I can come up with.

Shaye specifically said that she would like to see the continuing story of Elise’s niece Imogen, who is also psychic and was played by Caitlin Gerard in Insidious: The Last Key. The fact that we haven’t seen more of Imogen yet is “something that always — it didn’t bother me, but I always wondered why they ended it like that if they weren’t going to continue on some other road with those same characters. I have no idea, it’s been a finicky franchise in that way where they’ve set up other characters that have come through different installments that we never see again, or that storyline never goes further, so — pardon the expression — maybe we’ll all end up in The Further. [Laughs] It’s possible, we’ve really created a true universe of people, so it’s sort of open-ended, totally, which is a beautiful way to create.

Would you like to see more Insidious sequels or spin-offs that center on Lin Shaye’s Elise and/or Caitlin Gerard’s Imogen? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Screen Rant

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