Interview: Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy talk about The Midnight Club

Last Updated on October 20, 2022

From The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor to Midnight Mass and Gerald’s Game, filmmaker Mike Flanagan has become a horror icon with his Netflix productions. His latest project, The Midnight Club, is a distinct offering from the man who has become a Halloween mainstay on the streaming platform. Along with co-creator Leah Fong, Mike Flanagan has adapted the title novel by Christopher Pike into a ten-episode series that blends horror, drama, and a unique format to bring a series of tales to the screen that will surprise and frighten everyone who checks it out.

Set at an exclusive hospice called Brightcliffe, The Midnight Club follows a group of terminally ill teenagers assembled for their final days. Each night, the group meets to share scary stories with each other and promises that they will reach out from beyond when the first of them dies. As the series progresses, the teens uncover that there may be more mysteries at Brightcliffe than they first believed, with powers beyond the realm of the living. It is a powerful series about death but also a spooky tale for which Mike Flanagan has come to be known.

I recently talked with series co-creator Mike Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy about bringing Christopher Pike’s acclaimed YA novels to the screen. We discussed Pike’s works, similarities to Stephen King, and how this series differs from Flanagan’s prior projects. Check out the full interview in the embed above.

The Midnight Club premieres on October 7th on Netflix.

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