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Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Mick Garris chose Larry Cohen to be one of the directors who took part in his anthology series Masters of Horror and there was a documentary called King Cohen made about Cohen and his career, but it still feels like the filmmaker doesn't get nearly enough recognition for his contributions to the horror and thriller genres. So that's why we want to draw some attention to Cohen's first horror movie, the 1974 classic It's Alive (watch it HERE), in the latest episode of our video series Best Horror Movie You Never Saw. Check it out in the embed above!

Written and directed by Cohen, It's Alive has the following synopsis: 

Leaving their son, Chris (Daniel Holzman), with a family friend (William Wellman Jr.), Frank (John P. Ryan) and Lenore Davis (Sharon Farrell) head to the hospital for the birth of their second child — which turns out to be a mutant that kills many doctors and nurses as it escapes. Convinced his monstrous son must be destroyed, Frank ignores Lenore and Chris' pleas and tries to destroy the freakish progeny, unaware that the infant may be the blameless product of an experimental drug gone wrong.

Yes, it's a movie about a killer newborn, and it's great.

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This episode was Written by Cody Hamman, Edited by Dustin Elkin and narrated by Jason Hewlett. Produced by John Fallon and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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