Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey down for an Office movie

Both Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey would agree to a movie version of The Office, provided the conditions are right.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

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When The Office went off the air more than 10 years ago, we had to assume the doors of Dunder Mifflin were closed to fans for good. But, with nostalgia getting a promotion and reboots now in a premium parking spot, it wouldn’t be entirely off base to expect the series to come back in some form. And so how about a movie?

Talk of a reboot of The Office sprouted again last month, but one former (perhaps surprising) The Office contributor has an idea for getting the original cast back together. Appearing on the Office Ladies podcast, actor Bryan Cranston – who directed the season nine episode “Work Bus” – showed curiosity on the subject, saying, “Let’s say that there’s not a reboot series, but what if there was a movie? Something to where we can see where these people are. These people in the entire cast that we’re curious about. We wondered at the end, where did they go? What did become of them?”

Cranston’s pitch is a little vague, but both Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey – who played Pam Beesly/Halpbert and Angela Martin, respectively – would be on board. Kinsey said, “I would do it…I would do it for my kids, because I think they would think that’s fun.” Fischer, too, would agree to sign on if series creator Greg Daniels was spearheading the project. “I mean, if [showrunner] Greg [Daniels] did it, because I would trust it. You know? As long as Greg is writing it and he’s in charge of it, then I say yes.”

Daniels was reportedly meeting with a team of writers in January to figure out how to expand the universe of The Office. This would entail bringing in a fresh cast, with potentially a few familiar faces making cameos (Fischer and Kinsey both said they would at least like to pop in). While this may not be the most ideal avenue for fans, it just might be time to move on from the beloved characters. For his part, Steve Carell (the Dundie Award-winning Michael Scott) is well aware that his character may not fly in today’s climate

Is it possible to pull off a movie version of The Office? Would there be enough interest? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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