John Mulaney open to hosting the Oscars… But should he?

After John Mulaney crushed his stint hosting the Governors Awards, many called for him to take on the Oscars next.

Last Updated on June 10, 2024

John Mulaney Oscars

When we think of the best hosts in the history of the Academy Awards, names like Billy Crystal, Bob Hope and Ellen DeGeneres typically top the list. And while Jimmy Kimmel has been an industry favorite as of late with four hosting gigs, there is the call for a new name to host the Oscars: John Mulaney. After hosting the Academy’s Governors Awards last year, Mulaney inadvertently jockeyed himself into position as an Oscar host candidate…and he’s not opposed to it, either.

When prompted by IndieWire whether he would sign on as host of the Oscars, John Mulaney said, “I hosted the Governors Awards, and I really had fun doing that. I will say: I’m open to whatever. I personally have an affinity for [something lower key]. It’s so fun to try to do your absolute best at not the biggest award show, like the Spirit Awards or Governors Awards. They’re just a little more relaxed and casual. Going in and trying to have a sh*tload of fun is a great feeling.”

“Fun” doesn’t really seem like it would fit inside of the Dolby Theatre, which holds more than 3,000 people – many of whom are too worried about winning or maintaining their reputation to really let their hair down. Like John Mulaney said, awards ceremonies outside of the Oscars, like the Independent Spirit Awards and the Golden Globes, are exponentially looser, with sponsored liquor flowing and the layout encouraging conversation.

But John Mulaney set the scene at this year’s Oscars that he could absolutely crush hosting, delivering a show-stealing breakdown of Field of Dreams when presenting Best Sound. And if Kevin Costner could get a kick out of it, there’s no way he wouldn’t be able to entertain the audience as a whole.

Personally, while Jimmy Kimmel has been consistent and is clearly a darling of Hollywood, I think John Mulaney should host next year’s Oscars and jolt some life into the sagging ceremony. Judging by his past performances and eagerness to have fun without being vicious, there’s really no reason not to root for him.

How do you think Mulaney would do in the Dolby Theatre? Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: IndieWire

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