Manifest trailer: demonic possession on a Marine Corps base

There’s no word on when Smartass director Jena Serbu’s demonic possession horror movie Manifest is going to be released into the world, but today we got our hands on the film’s trailer to help you decide whether or not this is something you’re going to be looking forward to until it is released. Check out the trailer in the embed above, and let us know what you thought about it by leaving a comment below!

Scripted by Leon M. Brown (Escape from Area 51), who also stars in the film, Manifest has the following short synopsis:

A Marine Corps drill instructor falls victim to a curse by two recruits, exposing his fears and sending him into a demonic possession that connects to his dark childhood trauma.

It also has this longer synopsis, which appears to give away some of the movie’s secrets. So read at your own risk:

Since childhood, Matthew kept a dark secret – he was possessed by a demon. Now grown and serving in the United States Marine Corps, he’s learned to tame the demon through self-mutilation. That cure soon ends as two recruits, who are members of the occult, cast a spell on Matthew to manifest his worst fears. His mother is the puppeteer behind it all. Before his eyes, Matthew starts to lose his family, vocation, his relationship with his mother worsens, and the demon begins to overcome him. Nearly hopeless, Matthew turns to the occult to exorcise the demon and regain the parts of his life that were slipping away. His attempt fails, and he spirals into a complete demonic possession, not before, however, he goes on a killing spree…

Brown is joined in the cast by Ambre Anderson (Power Book II: Ghost), Sheila Mears (Family Still Matters), Deja Monique Cruz (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Justine Wachsberger (Divergent), Matthew Fahey (Animal Kingdom), Ian Stanley (Checkpoint Charlie), Erin Cottrell (Little House on the Prairie), and Ca’Ron Jaden Coleman (This Is Us).

Manifest is a 7 Point 5 Films production. We’ll let you know when release information is made available.

Manifest Jena Serbu

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