10 directors who could replace Colin Trevorrow for Star Wars: Episode IX

So it's official: Colin Trevorrow has stepped down (or was forced off) as director of STAR WARS: EPISODE IX, and it was almost as if billions of people suddenly sighed in relief, "oh thank God". Because, while SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED was actually really good, and JURASSIC WORLD had mixed responses (even if I personally hated it), THE BOOK OF HENRY was a complete mess, as well as a critical and financial failure. It showed that maybe you shouldn't trust a guy who got the job based on a decent indie rom-com and a blockbuster that succeeded more on name recognition than actual merit (lest we remind you of a deleted scene where a feminist power moment was punctuated by a woman covering herself in shit) to stick the landing of one of the most enduring - and influential - franchises in film history.

Look, I'm sure Trevorrow is a nice guy, and again he's made at least one good film so I'm sure he can bounce back. However, with his vacancy leaves room for someone to fill that void. So who do we think should take over EPISODE IX?

Rian Johnson

So, let me start off by saying a lot of these choices are going to just be straight-up wishful thinking, and not necessarily who Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm will ultimately choose as Trevorrow's successor. However, Johnson seems like he'd be one of the most practical and ideal choices on this list. Not only was the original plan to have Johnson write a treatment for EPISODE IX that Trevorrow and his writer's were to work off of, but out of all the directors to work on these new STAR WARS films, Johnson seems to be the only one left completely unscathed. Even J.J. Abrams had issues of throwing the script out at the last minute, having to account for Harrison Ford's injury, etc. So not only does Johnson have a story mapped out for the trilogy that the studio was happy with (in fact, it wasn't long after Trevorrow mentioned that he'd develop his own story with his MONSTER TRUCK's writing partner that news of his dismissal came to light), but he's also so far been the most dependable. And it's not like having one director direct more than one film is unheard of in STAR WARS history, as George Lucas directed all three of the prequels. This honestly seems like a no-brainer.

Steven Spielberg

While certainly unlikely, having Spielberg direct EPISODE IX would be a welcome surprise, as he was actually slated to direct RETURN OF THE JEDI back in the early '80s, but had to back down when George Lucas left the DGA and couldn't hire union directors. So to have him finally direct a STAR WARS trilogy capper after all these years would be a cool story unto itself. And, honestly, he's just a great director, with the ability to direct action, create suspense, and also is a master at characters and pathos. The main thing against him joining up would be his loyalty to friend George Lucas (which extended to him directing an INDIANA JONES sequel under protest), and also interest. But a man can dream...

Peter Jackson
Okay, this one is just straight up fan casting, but I don't care. I'd love to see Peter Jackson tackle this franchise, as not only is he my favorite director, but I think he'd fit the franchise well. He knows how to direct action, actors, and nailed the ending of his own seminal trilogy LORD OF THE RINGS (no, the multiple endings weren't a problem, shut up). Even if his latest output hasn't been up to par with his best work, he's still able to create striking images, exciting action set-pieces, and affecting character moments in both LOVELY BONES and THE HOBBIT trilogy. And, honestly, I just want to see him take another crack at sci-fi, as his goofy debut film BAD TASTE is the only time he really delved into the genre.
Ava DuVernay

This choice seems more in the realm of possibility, as she already has a good working relationship with Disney directing the upcoming big-budget A WRINKLE IN TIME film. Not only that, but DuVernay is just a great filmmaker, as SELMA showed her knack for managing scale, scope, and stakes, while also showcasing the acts  of heroic - albeit flawed and human - protagonists. And all those elements are important for the ending of any epic trilogy. We need someone in mastery of both the macro (i.e. the scope and stakes), but more importantly the micro (i.e. character and pathos) for the film to be satisfactory. Not only that, but her recent job as director of the aforementioned A WRINKLE IN TIME means she has extensive knowledge of special effects as well.

Barry Jenkins

Honestly, he's on this list because I loved MOONLIGHT. But I think, if you're going to go for indie directors to make your big-budget franchises (which seems to be a trend recently), you could do a lot worse than Jenkins. He has a great grasp on characters, but also of visuals. I imagine given the right budget and pre-vis people, he could come up with some cool, unique, and inventive action sequences. If nothing else, he'd get great performances out of the cast.

Kathryn Bigelow
I think she would be perfect if the last film is going to be a more straight up war film, especially with the ambiguity that has been hinted at about THE LAST JEDI's story, as well as even ROGUE ONE's. I imagine that the space fights and laser shoot-outs helmed by Bigelow would get more tense and gritty, which would make sense for the final chapter in a series. But it's not like she'd skimp on character, as even her goofy movies like POINT BREAK had great character moments that elevated it from the B-movie ghetto it'd otherwise occupy.
Jordan Peele
Peele admittedly seems unlikely due to his aversion to franchise filmmaking (his stated reason for turning down AKIRA), as well as wanting to work on his own original ideas, which is admirable. But if his mind were to change (or if enough truckloads of money kept blocking his drive-way), I think Peele would be a great choice. Like many of the other candidates he's great at tension, visuals, and character moments, but he's also really adept at comedy. And, the thing is, as cool as the action is, and as tense as some scenes may be, STAR WARS - at its best - is actually pretty funny. Think back to Han Solo trying to bluff the Death Star receptionist in A NEW HOPE, or Yoda pretending to a senile old man, or the banter between C-3PO and R2-D2. That sense of fun is extremely important to STAR WARS, and is where I feel Peele - alongside his other great qualities as a filmmaker - would shine.

I mean, have you seen WONDER WOMAN? It's idealistic, fun, adventurous, but is willing to get dark and real when necessary. She's also really great at filming action sequences as well! Not only that, but WONDER WOMAN featured a truly strong female character, which if this trilogy's story is focused on Rey, you need someone that's able to facilitate that growth and arc with respect and understanding. Jenkins' availability might be non-existent due to WONDER WOMAN 2's shooting schedule, but she really would be perfect for a STAR WARS film.

I mean, what nerd list would be complete without a nod to the G-man himself? What's not to say about del Toro? He's fun, enthusiastic, with a love for practical effects and everything nerdy. We've also seen him handle action in BLADE II, the HELLBOY films, and PACIFIC RIM, as well as dealing with headier themes of war, sacrifice, and the loss of innocence in films like PAN'S LABYRINTH. So he seems genetically engineered to direct a STAR WARS film at some point, especially with his love of monsters and STAR WARS's knack for crazy creature designs. However, he already has a hundred other projects in his queue, so his involvement probably isn't likely. Maybe in another couple decades.

I don't have much to say, because Fincher most likely wouldn't touch this franchise with a thousand-foot pole. I mean, he is certainly qualified, with the ability to direct action, actors, as well as a vast knowledge of VFX; hell, he's even done the third installment of a famous sci-fi property (though in this case that might be more of a negative than a positive). No, I just put his name on here because I'd pay all the money in the world to see a fucked-up, nihilistic ending to the entire STAR WARS franchise. It won't be what most people want - and probably not what STAR WARS needs - but you better believe I would be there opening day just to see the reactions.



Because why not? Like you wouldn't watch it.

Meanwhile, you can see EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI coming out November 17th, while the currently untitled EPISODE IX  is expected to still be released May 24th, 2019. 

Extra Tidbit: But what about you Schmoes? Who would you like to see take over for Episode IX? Sound off below!
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