21 Jump Street 2 will take us to college, directors Lord and Miller to return

When the inevitable sequel to 21 JUMP STREET was announced at CinemaCon, there was no confirmation as to who would direct the movie. We also had no idea what the plot of the film would be either aside from the setup at the end of the first film. But, now thanks to producer Neal Moritz, we have an answer to both questions.

First up is that 21 JUMP STREET 2, or whatever it will be called, will see the return of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The guys are wrapping their work on the LEGO movie and will jump into the sequel next. Screewriter Michael Bacall will also return and will write the screenplay along with Jonah Hill. The group is targeting summer 2014 for the release which means any ancillary roles will likely get filled sometime in the next few months. But, where will we see Officers Jenko and Schmidt heading undercover next? Moritz shared this:

"It leads off where we ended the last film and our guys are going to college. Now, I can’t tell you more than that because there’s some fun to be had in what college they’re going to and what’s going to happen. It really just starts there. The relationship developed quite a bit in the first movie and now we’re kind of in the marriage phase between the two guys. Now they’re actual partners, so they’re married – what happens once marriage starts? In certain ways, it’s kind of like 'The Seven Year Itch' of police buddy comedies."

Excellent. As far as story evolution goes, this sounds like it will actually build on what Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum built in 21 JUMP STREET rather than just serve as a cash grab carbon copy of the original (ahem, HANGOVER PART II). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked 21 JUMP STREET and I look forward greatly to seeing this sequel.

Source: IndieWire



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