28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in talks to direct Highlander reboot

Summit thought they had a good thing going when they attached FAST FIVE director Justin Lin to their HIGHLANDER reboot before he became one of the hottest acts in town. But once FAST FIVE blew up at the box-office, Lin had a change of plans and left HIGHLANDER in the dust. But Summit is not ready to give up and has entered into talks with 28 WEEKS LATER director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to take over the project.

Fresnadillo is currently at the Toronto Film Festival with his Clive Owen thriller INTRUDERS, which is set to premiere tonight. Summit perhaps wanted to get a jump on any post-screening buzz around the young director by entering into talks before his movie debuted.

There's only one small issue here. Fresnadillo, if you'll remember, is also attached to direct another reboot - Relativity's update of THE CROW. The project once had Bradley Cooper attached to star but when the actor left the project, it's possible that he took Fresnadillo with him.

I'm honestly a little surprised that the weak performance of Lionsgate's CONAN didn't give Summit gold feet about rebooting HIGHLANDER. (Not that the two properties have a ton in common but I wouldn't be surprised if they took the leak from one sword-heavy reboot to another.) But Summit has been developing the film for over three years and is likely anxious to get some return on their investment.

If you had to choose between a CROW remake and a HIGHLANDER remake, which would you pick and why?

Extra Tidbit: And who would you pick to remake Queen's HIGHLANDER theme song "Hammer to Fall?"
Source: Deadline



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