3D Piranha will be Hassling the Hoff

Did I miss something, or was PIRANHA 3D a hit?

Looking up the numbers, I see that it exactly made up its production costs with its domestic gross of $25M, fortunately there's the international market who want to look at hot American (or in Kelly Brook's case, British) girls in bikinis which netted another $60M.

The cast for the sequel, PIRANHA 3DD (what's that other D for again?) has grown increasingly eccentric with the addition of Gary Busey and David Koechner, joining the originals of Christopher Llyod and Ving Rhames, but now a new name further expands on the joke that this movie is. And I don't necessarily mean that as an insult.

Yes, David Hasselhoff has joined up and will be murdering/being murdered by CGI piranha with the best of them. His vast lifeguard experience will surely help him out, and I wouldn't be half surprised if he appear in character as former Baywatch stud, Mitch Buchannon. Cause why the hell not?

I should probably catch the original at some point to see if it's good camp or bad camp. What did you think of it?

Extra Tidbit: With her not returning, I take it Kelly Brook didn't survive? Sadness. At least we have Katrina Bowden now.
Source: Heat Vision



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