A bunch of new unofficial Toy Story 3 pics

Some new pics from TOY STORY 3 have hit the web today but they're not official production stills. In fact, while they're photos of photos, I think they're even more interesting than that. Apparently in Walt Disney World they have a new exhibition on the TOY STORY trilogy and they've put up a bunch of new production art, posters, sketches, storyboards and more from the third film. There are some mild spoilers but nothing that you probably couldn't have inferred from the trailer.

Most interesting to me is how Lotso was originally designed as a Care Bear. I'm sure Pixar attempted to get the rights to Care Bears but considering...nevermind, that's definitely a spoiler. There's also some early sketches on how they wanted Andy to look and better looks at some of the random toys that will be floating around in the background. I'll include a few shots below but click on any of them to head over to the full gallery.

Extra Tidbit: Having a Care Bear in TOY STORY would've been slightly awesome.



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