Take a look at Sacha Baron Cohen as a soccer hooligan in Grimsby

The World Cup is still ongoing and if you gave up caring after your favorite team was eliminated perhaps Sacha Baron Cohen will get some of that spirit back. The actor is currently filming the soccer comedy GRIMSBY, which he helped co-write alongside Phil Johnston and Peter Baynham, and is being directed by Louis Leterrier (NOW YOU SEE ME). None other than Eric Idle decided to share a look at Cohen’s ridiculous chops while loitering around the set.

Here’s the brief synopsis:

A story about an oafish soccer hooligan (Baron Cohen) who goes on the run with his formerly estranged black-ops agent brother (Mark Strong).

Via Eric Idle’s Twitter:

They had my curiosity with Cohen as a soccer hooligan, but now they have my attention with a stellar cast that includes Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher (see below). The film also stars Rebel Wilson, Annabelle Wallis, Ian McShane, Gabourey Sidibe, David Harewood, and Johnny Vegas.

GRIMSBY is scheduled to be released on July 31, 2015. Are you still watching the games? Who's going to win this thing?

It's nice!

Source: Eric Idle



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