A. Idol: The Movie

American Idol Simon Cowell is taking his "American Idol" concept to the next logical level - a feature film. While not an actual transposition of AI to the big screen, the film, titled STAR STRUCK, will follow the basic framework of the show, even to the point of adding a meta angle by featuring actual actors auditioning for roles in the film and Cowell mercilessly lambasting them at the film's onset. The actual plot follows ten contestants as they try to make it to the final round of an American Idol type competitive singing show. The ten leads will be cast through open casting calls and said calls will be featured in the aforementioned onset. British TV writer Jonathan Harvey will be scripting this meta journey down the AI rabbit hole with a director soon to be announced. Cowell hopes to get this bad boy into theaters by next summer so that after everyone's done watching another actual AI cycle, they can enjoy a fictionalized version. How fun!

Extra Tidbit: For those of you wondering about the picture, it's former "American Idol" contestant uber-hot twins Jesse and Becky O’Donohue.



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