A Mario Kart competition will be hitting your TV screens

It doesn't matter what type of gamer you may have been in your life - hardcore, casual, elapsed, etc. - you have certainly logged some time playing Mario Kart. You put quite a few laps under your belt and registered some miles on your odometer, because let's face it... Mario Kart brings us all together. It's a community experience that doesn't really rely on how skilled you are for any given race. Any racer can claim the checkered flag if they drive the course well enough. Mario Kart can be the great equalizer that lets everyone have a good time. And now you can watch that experience on your TV screen via a competition show Disney XD is bringing to their airwaves.

A one-off called CLASH OF KARTS: MARIO KART 8 will be hitting this weekend, following eight of America's best young gamers (not sure how they were decided) as they partner up with a slew of YouTube personalities that you've probably never heard of as they battle it out in front of a live audience to crown the best Mario Karter. Watching others play video games is a big thing these days as evidenced by the incredible numbers sites like Twitch pull on a daily basis, and Disney is hoping that if this draws the same type of attention, there could be something more here to work with.

And even though you'd rather be playing yourself, there's something about the thrill of seeing who is going to land in first place during a Mario Kart race that is sure to lure in more than a few of house. May the best driver win.

CLASH OF KARTS: MARIO KART 8 revs its engines on Disney XD this Saturday, December 5, at 8:00 p.m.

Source: Gamespot



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