A new version of Scarface is on the way, mang

Say hello to my little remake.

Well, that variation on one of cinema's most famous quotes is not entirely accurate -- Universal is indeed planning a new SCARFACE, but their movie apparently will not be a straight remake of Brian De Palma's massively influential 1983 film, nor the 1932 Howard Hawks/Richard Rosson original that inspired it. Which basically means they're purely trying to capitalize on the recognizable name.

Deadline says the studio is on the hunt for writers for a fresh take, although the intent is merely to follow in the footsteps of the predecessors and retain the key elements of an immigrant building a criminal empire somewhere in America.

The Hawks/Rosson version (loosely based on Al Capone) was an Italian who became a Chicago crime boss, and later Al Pacino ventured into Miami from Cuba to become a cocaine kingpin (and hip-hop idol).

The new Tony, his place of origin and his American location for felony are all details that are being kept secret by the studio, for now.

Extra Tidbit: Viewers of "Breaking Bad" know that Tony's partner in crime, Steven Bauer, is still involved in narcotics.
Source: Deadline



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