A24 pairs with Apple to produce series of movies over several years

After conquering the world of phones, tablets, computers and wireless headphones that are easily lost Apple is heading into the motion picture business, and in doing so is partnering up with one of the most exciting studios around – A24. The studio responsible for such critical darlings as MOONLIGHT, LADY BIRD and this year’s HEREDITARY has been enlisted by the company to produce several feature films for them over the course of a “multiyear agreement.” This comes as Apple continues to move deeper and deeper into the entertainment game, working on a new batch of movies and TV shows, each of which will require a software update in order to watch.

The specifics of the deal are still unclear regarding if the movies will appear in theaters or on some sort of streaming service via iTunes. A report from Variety indicates that A24 currently has deals with DirectTV and Amazon Prime that gives them certain access to the studio’s movies before and after their theatrical release, and they report that these deals are still in effect. As well, A24’s deal with Apple is not exclusive, meaning they can still make movies independently and release them as they’ve been doing, which I suppose is good news for Android users.

A24 has rocketed in popularity and notoriety over the years. Founded in 2012 by Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges, they started off small with movies like SPRING BREAKERS and THE BLING RING, but soon became a powerhouse in the industry by focusing on the best the arthouse and independent scene has to offer. They won big at the Oscars with MOONLIGHT in 2017, and this year had their biggest hit yet with HEREDITARY, which made $44 million domestically and is stirring up Oscar talk around Toni Collette’s mind-bogglingly good performance.

A24 movies have been doing well on iTunes, so while we may have expected the company to pair with a studio like Disney or Universal, it makes sense why they would go for the smaller studio. It would give them content that would likely get terrific reviews and would drive more people to wherever they could watch it, adding legitimacy and a touch of prestige to Apple’s place in the entertainment content market.

A24's latest movie, MID90S, is in theaters now. 

Source: Variety



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