Aardman returns!

You knew it wouldn't be long after DreamWorks officially terminated their deal with animation house Aardman that they'd wind up somewhere else. Sure enough, Sony Pictures today announces a three-year, first-look deal with Aardman. While Sony has been working on animation in-house (OPEN SEASON, SURF'S UP) but may be looking to ramp up to two animation releases a year. The first project under the deal hasn't been announced but Aardman is currently developing four projects, including a new WALLACE AND GROMIT movie that would be directed by co-founder Nick Park. Unlike the deal with DreamWorks, which at times required them to use animation staff in Los Angeles, Aardman looks forward to creating all their films from their headquarters in Bristol. Aardman is hoping that this new deal will allow them to refocus on what made Aardman so popular instead of trying to fit their styles into DreamWorks idea of a popular film. I know I've said this before but why not bring back the abandoned TORTOISE AND THE HARE project? I always thought it had potential despite its obvious production problems. Stay tuned...

Extra Tidbit: Aardman's last film at DreamWorks, CROOD AWAKENING, is staying at DreamWorks and will be retooled by Chris Sanders (LILO & STITCH).
Source: Variety



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